How to successfully target the right audience in your leaflet distribution campaign:

How to successfully target the right audience in your leaflet distribution campaign:

Leaflet Distribution companies predominantly sell you into Blanket covering campaigns. This is great for people marketing at mass in any location and does work for most businesses. Although, issues can arise when a certain product or service only appeals to a certain audience type. If you are an accountant or a solicitor, then your perfect audience profile will be in the upper-class ranges such as high net worth. If this business moves away from their target audience profile, then they could be wasting valuable budget on distribution locations that will not yield a return. Whereas Aldi or Lidl that appeals to a lower class of audience profile will want to hit the opposite.

It is important when planning your campaign that not only do you but emphasis on local or national delivery zones but also the people that you are marketing your product or service too. The message you deliver to any particular audience is going to have dramatic impact on the response / Return of investment that you will receive from your campaign.

At Leaflet Company Ireland we are the only leaflet distribution company in Ireland to hold an exclusive license with Experian, for the use of their product Mosaic. This tool is the only accredited audience profiling tool for Leaflet delivery in Ireland and Leaflet Company Ireland are the only suppliers of this.

So how does Mosaic Targeting work in Leaflet Distribution?

In conjunction with Experian and our in-house data and mapping team we build all our mapping with software. This software enables us to import standardised geographical shape files and then use these to create Distribution maps that suit a wide array on clientele. Let’s say you are a politician and mainly focussing on an electoral district. We upload shape files from the CSO that includes the boundaries for all the electoral districts in Ireland. We can then actively match LAB (Large area boundaries) to the boundaries of the electoral districts and create a visual of your bespoke distribution areas. This then gives us the functionality to create a web application for the client so that they can visualise their leaflet distribution campaign before it happens. This visualisation is so important from a planning perspective because it gives the client an in-depth overview of their distribution campaign before it even happens. It also allows our clients to get more involved and become integrated with our distribution and mapping systems.

Leaflet Distribution with Mosaic Targeting at SAB zoning level
Leaflet Distribution with Mosaic Targeting at SAB zoning level can get the results you need in any leaflet delivery campaign.

As we can see from the image, Mosaic targeting is built based on SAB zones. The reason for the name “Mosaic” is that these SAB zones look like a Mosaic when mapped. Behind each SAB zones includes information on the Audience profile of the house contained within the SAB boundary. This data is compiled and collated by a variety of sources including TGI, Census, Household income and also Company Director information. From this data we can get a variety of information that is grouped into Audience Groups which are then broken down into Audience types.

Let’s take a look at what each group and type is broken down by:

Find your leaflet distribution audience profile with Mosaic Targeting by Experian Ireland
Find your leaflet distribution audience profile with Mosaic Targeting by Experian Ireland. This tool can really get your business targeting the right people in the right place at the right time.

As you can see from the image above, each group contains firstly a variety of information that is key information pertaining to this audience profile group. It contains headers and then more detailed information under those headers. Let’s take a closer look at the information we are able to take quickly from each audience profile group:

Who we are:

In this section we are quickly able to find out that where ever this group is located that they are aged between 50 and 54 years old, have a household income of between €75k and €124k, married couple with no children, own their house and more than likely in most instances their house is semi-detached. This information can be invaluable if your product or services pertains to this audience profile group.

Technology adoption:

From the information above we can also tell that this Audience Profile Group are apprentices with technology. This would give us an early sign that if you were marketing a technology-based product or service it is not going to an audience profile group that you want to include in your campaign.

Key Features:

This section gives us key points that pertain to the Audience profile group. As in this case:

  • Married and Established
  • Very expensive properties
  • City fringe
  • Highest director’s wealth
  • Well-invested
  • Substantial charitable donations

This is a great overview and quick glance at the main features of this audience group.

Where we are:

This section gives a great look into where in the country these people are located in a relatively simple map. Although this map is great for a quick overview but when we dig down we get more granular than this.

How do we use this information in Leaflet Distribution for our clients? 

We all have aspirations for our businesses and the success that we expect to receive from any marketing campaign. Whether this is from TV, Radio, Press or Leaflet Distribution. One thing that is a big plus with Leaflet Distribution is that it is the most cost effective way for mass marketing through the doors of potential customers. But, if your product or service is niche and only really services a certain target market. You have to market to that particular segment of people to be successful. If you don’t then you will run the risk of huge wastage in printing and distribution costs. This could have been considerably lower for the same response rate.

At Leaflet Company Ireland we really make sure that our clients understand their market segment and the audience that their products or services mainly appeal to. Consumers are getting smarter and in turn businesses must get smarter to give them the ability to convert at a much higher level.

Knowing your audience type and where they are located is a success orientated marketing tool. Before you even drop any type of marketing material into consumer households, you are giving your business a huge advantage. You being to understand where your new customer acquisitions are really going to come from. Marketing budgets are tight and being able to target down to a granular level is important to keep your costs in line with your budget.

We use Mosaic in conjunction with Experian to decipher who your audience profile really is. Business owners do generally have a pre-conceived perception of who their audience is. But in reality, this is who they want them to be more than who they actually are. By using our tools our customers find this information out and are able to plan and action a campaign effectively. This is all based off the facts relating to their products and services.

Leaflet distribution with Leaflet Company Ireland:

You have many options when doing a Leaflet distribution campaign with Leaflet Company Ireland. We can plan your national blanket covering campaign and target your audience at SAB level. Then initiate a customised branded mapping application and overlay and run data against your database.  Leaflet Company Ireland can even door-drop at house level with a segmented customer and non-customer Leaflet Distribution campaign.

We provide the very best in Quality control with real-time GPS tracking across our 600+ distributor network nationwide. Our internal team monitors them in real-time and assesses each area as it is in progress and completes. Leaflet Company Ireland reports by live-link to our clients that is also linked to our distribution software. This ensures that every detail of these reports are updated live when the action is happening on the ground.

Everything about Leaflet Company Ireland is quality orientated and it is the most invested department in the company. We are the first to innovate in the industry and the last to make mistakes. We treat our customer businesses as if we were marketing our own business. This provides valuable resources to ensure your campaign is successful with us.

Talk to one of our experienced sales advisors today. See how we can help your business flourish in these challenging times. Call +353 (01) 460 1670 or email today and get your business on the way to success.


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