January is over, but your leaflet promotions shouldn’t be

Over the last 20 years, perhaps longer, the UK public has always expected amazing January sales. The sales are a time when shops maximise Christmas sales by discounting pre-Christmas stock, redundant summer and autumn stocks to get rid of products efficiently. But not just the stores, other businesses do it too and that’s why leaflet promotion can be so effective.

January is a long month, and most families spend the majority of their money in the lead up to Christmas and spend January recovering! This very reason is why you should consider a promotional campaign in February and March. By the end of February which is a short month, many will have recovered from the difficulties of Christmas in January.

Which is what makes February & March a particularly good time to advertise products and services to prospective customers, whether you’re a window sales company or perhaps a gardening business? Certainly by March time majority of UK households will have forgotten the difficulties of January.

March leaflet promotion can win new business!

The leaflet company recommends periodic leaflet marketing around the year to serve different income levels better. If you are interested in creating a unique promotional offer and distributing your leaflets to specific postcodes or areas of the city then the leaflet Co Dublin is the right print partner for your project.

We understand the right ways to access and maximise your effectiveness through smart campaigns and selective leaflet distribution. Our leaflet delivery is tracked and provides real-time monitoring ensuring our customers know exactly how the campaign is progressing and their customers and prospective customers are being well managed.

Why is important to keep promoting your business?

People are busy, with more and more social media, television and workloads they just cannot keep remembering your business. We recommend distribution, leaflet promotion to your customers up to 7 times a year; proven in many independent studies that it can take up to 7 points of contact before a prospective customer becomes a customer. With this information, it is therefore essential to ensure that your communication with potential customers is as regular and cost-efficient as possible.

Newsletters, leaflets and promotional offers are three examples of how you may access your customers and keep your business at the forefront of their psyche.

how should you design your campaign?

This is a comprehensive and open statement. However, we recommend including some seasonality and creativity in your materials as this will help your customers remember your business, and it aligns them with your quirky and exciting methodology. Often a good idea is more likely to be discussed and referred to in general conversation, so an idea In that your advertising may even spark a discussion which can only be a good thing?

Our team of leaflet designers based in Dublin can help you fulfil your vision and deliver a cost-efficient high-quality print campaign. Will take your brief and develop a concept around it, before we then provide initial design ideas for your agreement and approval.

To contact the team at leaflet company, Ireland use the contact form on this page (see navigation). We look forward to helping you with your project.

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