Consumer Direct Mail Marketing to Opt-in subscribers.

The Consumer Direct Mail Marketing tool that brings data into response.

Consumer Direct Mail & Data

Data Research and audience type direct mail targeting & Fulfilment.

Deliver to Addressed Opt-in

All of the addressed mail items are delivered to people who want your product.

The Full Spectrum

From the data research, printing & the addressed mail fulfilment.

Get Smarter With Your Consumer Direct Marketing

Consumer Direct Mail Marketing with the Leaflet Company Ireland’s “Consumer Direct” product is focussed at businesses looking to target and gain the business of selected targeted consumer groups or specific people. In conjunction with Experian Ireland we can now target and deliver a wide range of Consumer Direct Mail Marketing tools that can get you into the right consumer at the right time.

The “Consumer Direct” product first begins with the Data segmentation and data selection for your consumer direct mail marketing materials. We then look at your creative and printing requirements. Once you are happy with the creative materials we send your items into print and then move onto the fulfilment of your items to Consumer Households around Ireland matching your data or gathered data. By being a partner of Experian Ireland we have access to very secure opt-in addressed consumer data that we can use with our system to segment addressed mailings into the audience type of your business. Consumer Direct Mail Marketing has never as advanced as Leaflet Company Ireland have now made it and we are excited about the possibilities this will bring to our clients.

The Ultimate Consumer Direct Mail Marketing Solution

Consumer Data

We can target consumer via addressed mail to audience type data.

Direct Mail Fulfilment

With Our Partners we deliver and Fulfil all the Direct Addressed Mail.

Personalised Printing

We make sure that when your material is opened it gets read by the consumer.

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