News Share Leaflet Distribution
Is the way to combine impact
with a publication.

Take your Leaflet Distribution to another level and combine exposure.

News Share Leaflet Distribution brings it's Rewards

You have many opportunities when it comes to News Share Leaflet Distribution with Leaflet Company Ireland. We are a specialist when it comes to News Share as we distribute many of the Ireland’s FREE sheet newspaper weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. It is commonly viewed by many of our competitors that News Share decreases the impact of your marketing materials when it arrives at a prospects household. But in fact this cannot be further from the truth with data suggesting that it can in actual fact provide increased impact. Imagine you are sat at home and most of the time you will receive a bundle of leaflets which you automatically view as Junk mail. This gives any client within that bundle of leaflets a 5-10 second chance to convince the client not to throw their item into their bin.

On the other hand, if your marketing materials had been placed and rolled inside the FREE sheet newspaper of your area it is automatically seen as something from the FREE sheet newspaper. This gives it’s length of life before it hits the consumer households bin a 30% increase in time to gain interest from their creative.

News Share Leaflet Distribution Credibility

Become Credible When Delivering A News Share Leaflet Distribution

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You have so many options when it comes to News Share Leaflet Distribution and by positioning your business alongside a FREE sheet Newspaper such as the Northside and Southside People or the Galway Advertiser you can really bring a new shape to your leaflet distribution activities.

News Share Leaflet Distribution can be tricky to plan but with the Leaflet Company Ireland’s help we can get you started in the right way and at the right price.

Leaflet Distribution Optimisation.

Creative Builds response

Your Creative materials such as Leaflets, Brochure and samples are the main source of where response and traffic will come from on your leaflet distribution campaigns. Designing minimal themed artwork that is straight to the point and call-to-action orientated will bring you results.

The Planning Transformation

You must plan effectively and target segmented areas that will suit your response driven leaflet distribution campaign. We all want to hit the most amount of homes possible. But it is about hitting the right homes and the right time with the right marketing material.

A Printed Vision

The Quality of your printed materials will also give you an advantage over standardised offerings from competitor business in your sector. If you try something daring and of a higher quality then you are sure to grab prospects attention when you deliver your leaflet distribution campaign.

Sourcing Conversions and Data

A Leaflet Distribution campaign is simple but if you want to really improve the results then you have to get more analytical and data driven. Monitoring phone calls in selected areas or email enquiries from specified landing pages will give you data to action.

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