A Solus Leaflet Distribution can give you that edge.

Solus Leaflet Distribution is About Gaining a Reach Advantage

Solus Leaflet Distribution can be a great way to gain an exclusive advantage over your competitors who are also pushing leaflet distribution as one of their marketing channels.

At Leaflet Company Ireland we give exclusive options to our customers in the form of a solus delivery that will increase impact as and when your marketing materials are delivered. Over the years Solus leaflet distribution has been well used by politicians, Td’s and government officials and also for product sampling and various other gorilla type marketing tactics.

Distribution Penetration

Exclusive Targeting

Quality Control Processing

Mapping Zone optimisation

Solus Leaflet Distribution & GPS

Red Carpet Leaflet Distribution Exclusivity On-The-Ground

Exclusive door-drop operations with a Solus Leaflet Distribution can dramatically increase on-the-ground impact. But, as with all things exclusive it does incur higher costs than a Shared or News Share Leaflet Distribution. This is due to the fact that on a Solus Leaflet Distribution you are not sharing the cost with other businesses in the drop zones, you are completely covering the costs of distribution teams within your areas of choice.

Although this type of leaflet distribution activity is rarely used by most businesses that come to Leaflet Company Ireland it does have it’s advantages. We always look at ways of helping our clients choose which is the best marketing route to take their business in this sector and sometimes the exclusivity can be the way to go.

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Choosing a Route to market can be hard in leaflet distribution

When your creative materials are on their own entering households, data does suggest that it will bring a higher impact than that of a shared leaflet distribution.

As a result, all leaflet distribution activities will have impact but more importantly on a Solus Leaflet Distribution we cannot guarantee that another distributor in the same area that day will not drop their materials over the top. This will then ultimately make your drop not Solus although thats what we had delivered under the Leaflet Company Ireland.

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