B2B Marketing - Leadin by Leaflet Company Ireland

B2B Marketing has never had such a fully rounded product.

The Lead Generation tool that brings data to response.

B2B Direct Mail & Data

Data Research and audience type direct mail targeting & Fulfilment.

B2B Email Connection

The email connection to send follow-up email to data list.

B2B Meeting Set-up

The follow-up call from our professional centre to set-up the meeting..

Get Smarter With Your B2B Marketing

The Leaflet Company Ireland’s “Leadin” B2B Marketing product is focussed at B2B business looking to target and gain the business of a selected industry sector or specific business people. In conjunction with Experian Ireland we can now target and deliver a wide range of B2B marketing tools that can get you into the right business at the right time.

The “Leadin” product first begins with the Data segmentation and data selection for your direct mail marketing materials. We then look at your creative and printing requirements. Once you are happy with the creative materials we send your items into print and then move onto the fulfilment of your items to businesses around Ireland matching your data or gathered data. 3-4 days after the addressed Direct Mail has completed we then send each business an email direct to the information we had on that business when sending our the mailing item. This gives us a follow up to prompt the business owners / managers on the service offering. 3-4 days after the follow-up email connection has been made our professional call centre then calls each business owner / manager to try and arrange a meeting to discuss opportunities between the client and themselves. We act on behalf of the client so everything is white label.

The Ultimate B2B Marketing Solution In Ireland

Direct Mail Data

We can target businesses by industry sector for Direct Mail.

Partners With Experian

Our Partners Experian Are Once Of the Largest Data Providers in the World.

Direct Mail Fulfilment

With Our Partners we deliver and Fulfil all the Direct Addressed Mail.

Telemarketing Meet-Up Calls

We call the Data lists from Your Direct Mail and set-up meetings for you.

Email Data & Sending

We use your data from your Direct mail and create follow-ups.

Direct Mail Print Zone

We Make the Creative with You and complete the Addressed mail printing.

We Can Build The Perfect B2B Package for you There are many options under the product "Leadin" but here are some.


€2,495 /One-Time Fee Talk With Us
  • B2B Data Research
  • Data Collection & Optimisation
  • Creative Design of Materials
  • Prospect Creative Personalisation
  • Printing A4 Letter / Stuffed window envelope
  • Addressed Fulfilment to 2,000 Businesses
  • Fulfilment Reporting


€3,495 /One-Time Fee Talk With Us
  • Data Research for 2,000 Businesses
  • Creative & Printing of Direct Mail
  • Fulfilment of Addressed Mail
  • Email Data Collect
  • Follow-up Email sending & Creative
  • Email Reporting
  • Full Campaign Reporting


€4,995 /One-Time Fee Talk With Us
  • Data Research for 2,000 Businesses
  • Creative & Print for Addressed Mailing
  • Direct Mail Fulfilment to Business Addresses
  • Email Data Collection
  • Email Sending fulfilment & Creative
  • Telemarketing For meeting Follow-up
  • Full Reporting
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