What is leaflet marketing?

Leaflet Marketing Explained

What is leaflet marketing? Leaflet marketing is split into several parts. The first is leaflet distribution; this has been one of the most popular and respected methods for marketing leaflets over the years. The issue with leaflet distribution using traditional means, your clients do not know how effective the reach of the distribution services.

Nearly every type of media can be useful if used in the best ways. TV, radio or newspaper in each case the message is received differently.

The direct marketing Association (DMA) reports that 62% of people taking no notice of TV commercials, choosing to mute or change the channel to avoid invasive advertising. within the same research, the DMA also reported that 81% of people flick past adverts in magazines meaning 19% of your audience would see your advertising.

How effective is leaflet distribution?

A well produced, attractive and interesting leaflet can gain as much as 79% traction, meaning that recipients either keep or pass on to a friend glancing over the contents of a leaflet distribution item, such as DL flyer or A5 leaflet.

what is leaflet distribution

Now the question ‘what is leaflet distribution?’ has been answered is direct mail expensive?

Of course, there is a physical cost of printing and physically distributing your new leaflets, however, if the readership can be as high as 79%, then this is perhaps one of the most effective types of marketing available to you and your business. Up to 23% of all leaflets delivered are read properly, which means they are 4% more effective than magazines and perhaps television.

What makes leaflet distribution effective and measurable?

Being able to track distribution points, personnel and delivery addresses will ensure and optimised campaign, which will provide a more accurate and richer uptake of offers and opportunities.

Do consumers keep the Flyers and offers they receive?

DMA reporting would suggest 38% flyers are kept for around three days and 13% for more than one week. Money off vouchers are more 50% more likely to be retained for at least seven days, so for effective marketing practices, you should offer a promotion or coupon.

What types of business use flyers?

Flyers are especially useful for local trades, home improvements, window companies, blue chips and restaurants. Phone and broadband companies use flyers as an effective form of communication. Google itself still uses leaflets to communicate Adwords offers and for other product promotions. Since early 2004, industry-leading websites have distributed sign-up deals promotional bonus offers, online casino sites still use print refer to  Play-Slots.com to explain these online bonuses. It is fair to conclude if you have something to say or promote, then leaflets can present of review you services to VIP customers and members.

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So if you are interested in learning about how to design a fantastic leaflet, please refer to the following page.

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