Local Multi-channel marketing with Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet Distribution has for a long time led Below the line marketing. It is the chosen vertical for most SME and blue-chip marketing campaigns that look to convert consumers to their product or service. The reason that Leaflet Distribution is the chosen marketing vertical is that it has so much success. You have many options when it comes to planning a marketing campaign. You have options such as TV, Radio, Local Banner, Newspaper advertising etc. But one thing that many overlook is the approach to a multi-channel acquisition strategy.

Leaflet Distribution multi-channel marketing
Leaflet Distribution multi-channel marketing

When marketeers a creating a strategy to acquire more customers they generally look at the local market first and then spread out into a national campaign. Local gives the marketeer the opportunity to understand firstly their most active consumer and secondly how their campaign will work most effectively without spending all their budget without testing. Most of the time each marketer will run a multi-channel local campaign by using Leaflet Distribution, Local Newspaper ads and quite possibly local radio. The method of madness behind this is that at every level throughout the campaign that may last a week the local community is receiving printed materials through their door, seeing ads in newspapers and listening to the jingle, all at the same time. It is the same approach as with Social marketing that it takes anywhere from 6-10 views of an advert before a campaign really gets traction from a consumer. Marketing, in general, is a play on the phycology of the consumer and if they see something everywhere then it will stick into the minds of potential clients ultimately creating a brand presence in the locality.

What does Multi-channel marketing look like with a leaflet distribution campaign?

Think of all this from a consumer perspective as per the points below:

  • Consumer Received the leaflet through their letterbox
  • Radio jingle is received as they drive to work
  • Newspaper advert is viewed.
  • The advert is served through Social media.

This method means that throughout that day, the selected consumer is targeted 4 times and receives a branded message pertaining to them 4 times. Is this more effective than just delivering a leaflet or just delivering a radio advert? The answer is yes and response will prove to that extent.

As business owners we must look at all angles to increase our sales revenue and leaflet distribution is by far one of the leading methods. But if we mix Leaflet Distribution with other marketing verticals we can really extend the expected conversion rates. The serving of adverts multi times across multiple channels increases your exposure and the attachment of consumers to your products, services and your brand.

Never forget that people are getting smarter and businesses must get smarter in order to get sales conversions from them, so whether you are a Business Directory or a National bespoke Kitchen company.

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