5 Tips to remember when designing a great leaflet!

Designing a leaflet

Whether B2B or B2C, identifying the right information is always the key challenge in any marketing you do. Leaflets are perhaps more effective now than they were five years ago, why? Well because fewer leaflets are now sent by your competitors. This is a result of the postal costs and the internet.

The term direct mail dates back some 140 years and has been popular ever since. Getting a leaflet right is not always easy, so below are 5 things to remember when you are considering your leaflet. – If you would like us to do this for you, we can.

1) Space – less is more applies here, no one wants to read a text heavy flyer or leaflet even if you think the customer needs to understand you, they don’t, so summarise, we urge you.

2) Images, As with all visual media, image selection is the main event. We always suggest asking yourself why should I include this picture, what does it add? Ensure that your image is professional looking, rich in colour and it possesses a professional feel. – An amateur feel can be better in certain situations. A quality image makes your client or prospective client feel like they are making the right choice to partner with or use the services of a reputable business.

3) Readability – it sounds obvious, but the ability to keep it straightforward and clear is an art in its own right. Your core message needs to be delivered quickly, and much like websites, your audience is getting less and less interested in having to wait for information so, make it clear.

4) Quality, this is perception, it is achieved by selecting the right paper, the right finish and the best compositions of colour and imagery. Dark and light play their part on a leaflet to draw attention to key areas. The content quality should never be underestimated. – We often remark that work should never go out that is not; Clear, appealing or representative of our customers. – Again we can help end to end so please just ask.

5) Call to Action (C2A) – The big message should be ‘what now’, what do we want the recipient to do after they receive the leaflet or flyer? Do you want them to call? – Visit you, fill it out, fold it up, cut out a token? All can be used in different ways or areas if you have a national campaign. Some regions have different habits; this local knowledge will save you time and money.

Before you get inspired to go and fire up photoshop, please plan out your message or give us a call to quote on the print and design for your exciting new campaign. We can design your leaflet and maximise your chances of getting a call or email.

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