5 Tips For Great Visual Communication

When you are creating a leaflet or promotional flyer, it is important to consider some key elements. We also recommend the reading 5 tips to remember when designing a great leaflet. – This is an earlier article that discusses the main areas to consider when you are creating a leaflet.


1) Colour, this is first on the list. As printers, we understand that colour is paramount on any project but with leaflets, the colour must be eye-catching. The colour has to be rich and vibrant to draw attention to the offer or promotion. This identification is the first step in the visual decision-making process.


2) Typography, part of the initial judgement once the eye is drawn to your leaflet or promotional communication, next comes the aesthetic approval, not something every reader is aware of. If the interest is not quickly established because the type is ugly or too difficult to read, then the printed material is disregarded or even discarded!

Type should be sized to your audience, if you were designing a life insurance promotion or service aimed at the elderly, then design considerations should be observed. Clean text with a comfortable contrast and spacing is much more preferable to the eye and engages the reader for longer.


3) Imagery, this represents your business or organisation, if a picture says a thousand words, then it is clear why this often overlooked component can persuade or completely put off a prospective customer. Choose an image with rich colours, something aspirational or intriguing, don’t just use an image because you should use it because it achieves something. This could be evoking a reaction or making the reader think, smile or laugh.


4) Movement, this can be expressed by opening a flap or using an image with movement in it. Colour vibrancy and type can also add to the feel of movement through your project.


5) Content, if your content is clear, honest and engaging, then you tick the boxes for great visual communication. The beauty of great visual communication is that it delivers a simple or complex statement precisely and in the most engaging way possible.

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